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Originally Posted by Coral Builder View Post
You wrote the following:
"And development charges are absolutely passed on down to the taxpayer". If you wanted to say consumer, you should have said consumer.
Last time I checked, consumers are taxpayers.

Going back to your notion of raising development charges, as you increase development charges, you directly raise property values which of course RAISES PROPERTY TAXES (and this isn't through the percentage that is set by the City).

Furthermore, if you limit development, you limit supply which drives prices up on the existing stock across the city. Which again... RAISES PROPERTY TAXES.

Just who do you think you're hurting with raising development charges? Are you driving away potential immigrants? People who already live here like yourself?

What happens if you have a city that doesn't allow new development? What happens if we don't expand the tax base, if we don't take in good amounts of development fees? Is the existing property tax base enough to keep all city services running? Nevermind providing any improvements to the existing services, expansion of services or any immediately required costly repair / replacement of aging infrastructure. Name one municipality in Canada that this is the case. What is the alternative? Here's a hint... gravy-train cost slashing isn't even going to cover a fraction of the money lost from development charges.

What happens when construction jobs dry up because there is no new development? What happens to the trades? What happens to these trades people who are also consumers... what happens to the retailers that rely upon these consumers?

how do you think they control growth and population distribution in most cities
Zoning, OP, Secondary Plans. Zoning needs to conform with Secondary Plans & Official Plans, if Zoning or ZBA don't you'll know where the OMB stands. Secondary Plans & Official Plans need to conform with the Provincial Policy Statement, Places to Grow Act and requires approval by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing (Provincial Ministry). Sorry.. but what was your point again? Something about Rob Ford?

Ford supporters are completely delusional bunch. It's all a one track gravy-train mind that cannot think beyond the next step. Follow the big-mouth blowhard, because goddamn it, we don't need no stinkin' supporting facts, if he says something publicly and loud-enough, it must be true!
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