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Hambly House (Westdale, Art Moderne, 1939, ?) - Restoration

Art-Moderne house in Westdale, built in 1939 for Jack Hambly, architect still unknown, restored in 2010/2011

Hambly House is a rare example of Art-Moderne residential architecture in Hamilton, featuring:

(1) a horizontal composition with a flat roof
(2) rounded corners
(3) corner windows
(4) horizontal lines
(5) smooth surfaces
(6) horizontal window panes
(7) a porthole window
(8) cruise-ship railings
(9) a prominent door surround

There are four Art-Moderne houses in Hamilton, and only one is listed on the City's Heritage Register. The City is currently reviewing a request to add Hambly House to the Register.

Photo from 2009 (before its restoration)

Photo from 1964

Rounded Corner at Night

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