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I was wondering if anyone had or knew were to find any sort of numbers on the growth of the retail in Downtown Austin over the past 20, 10 years or even past 5 years?

I posted this in another thread but the past two days while I was downtown I went by that Apple Store and both days the line was around the block. Yesterday I got in the line and it only took like 15 mins. It was really really fast. Faster than a line you would expect at an amusement park. And anyone that has ever been in an Apple Store knows they don't let you leave with out spending tons of cash. How long this line has been for days now, and how fast it is really has blown my mind in how many people must be going through that store and how much money it must be making.

I looked around a little on the internet for some sort of numbers on retail space, retail employees, retail occupancy and how much sales tax is made downtown but can't seem to find it or know where to look. And I would love to be able to find those numbers vs what they were 10 to 20 years ago. Anyone have a suggestion on where I might find what I am looking for?
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