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So the boom finally begins in Reston. I anticipate very rapid growth there, but nothing too huge just yet (compared to Tysons). I think that while news is slow now for projects in Tysons (although the Walmart is now underway), we will get several new projects by the end of the year as we near Metro's completion. Given what I've been reading, I really would not be surprised to see 5 to 10 new towers in the 20-story + range by 2015.

(that is, assuming the Washington region's very robust growth continues--which I think it will)

I think the focus on the Tysons-Reston corridor and the continued rapid growth of the area will cause this new area of access to densify faster than areas of Arlington along the Orange Line did, simply because the scale of this development is so large. While it's disappointing that Reston is putting a 2,300 car garage next to the Metro, at least it'll be underground with offices/residential on top/nearby.
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