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Originally Posted by Aylmer View Post
Vid! Wow! Did you make these?

Originally Posted by Bdog View Post
Vid, I hope somebody's paying you for this...
It's a hobby. Not only did no one pay me but since I used Creative Commons maps from Wikipedia, I'm not sure they legally can. I used CBC's Canada Votes results application to compile the data. When I made the LDP map in 2009, I used Wikipedia, and it took a lot longer. All this took only about 10 hours of work on a weekend and I'm quite pleased with the end result. Much more fruitful than my Geofiction maps.

Originally Posted by Andy6 View Post
Vid, this is very good work. I hadn't seen the stat before that only two Liberals, both in Newfoundland, hit the 50% mark. Incredible.
There are a lot of interesting quirks about the Liberals in this election. For example, in Saskatchewan, of the 38,981 votes cast for the Liberals province-wide, 15,842 or 40.5%, were cast in the Wascana riding for Ralph Goodale. Someone in the main election thread said that he could have run for any party and won, and it looks like that is true. The Liberals got their lowest popular vote in Saskatchewan; 8.57 versus the 9.26 in Alberta.

Originally Posted by Andy6 View Post
In Montmagny-L'Islet-Kamouraska-Rivière du Loup, the NDP candidate is now ahead of the Conservative incumbent by 5 votes, giving them one more in Qc -- pending a recount.
Is there going to be a recount in Nipissing—Temiskaming? That was the closest race in the country as far as I noticed, though I was dealing more with percents than actual votes so I didn't look at them in-depth. Etobicoke Centre, Scarborough—Gildwood and Don Valley West are also very close.

The official numbers aren't released until May 23rd. I'll keep these in mind and update the maps when the results are finalized.

Originally Posted by digitboy View Post
Hello Vid,

wow. Are these maps all your personnal creation? You did a great work. You should be paid for them as somebody suggested. I'm pretty sure that we will find them on other sites and maybe newspapers very yourself and be sure that everybody respect your copyrights.

Thanks for sharing.
The maps are based on Creative Commons maps at Wikipedia, a license that doesn't give you copyright over the finished product, and I am not seeking any compensation (though I wouldn't mind a bit of payment for the labour. ); I was simply interested in what these maps would look like, and am sharing because I know I'm not the only one who wanted to see.

If a newspaper does publish them I would ask for a credit and maybe some sort of compensation (like a copy of the paper it is published in so I can show my friends).

These are the two maps I used as a base: Canada_fed_election_2011_results_by_riding.svg and Canada_2011_Federal_Election.svg. I updated the text (it was converted to paths in the Wikipedia version and I replaced it with text, giving me the ability to easily update text or translate the maps; if anyone wants to, provide me with French translations and I will create French versions) and reinserted the BC riding of Pitt Meadows—Maple Ridge—Mission (which was erroneously left out in the original raster form of the riding map, and then overlooked when the SVG version was created several years later), but otherwise I just changed colours of objects and organized it in a slightly more aesthetic way.

Thanks for all the other comments.

Other interesting things I found while compiling the map:

The Greens came ahead of the NDP in Yukon with 18.91% of the vote, and did well in Calgary where the left wing vote was quite evenly split between the three left-wing parties. Their best showing outside of Saanich—Gulf Islands however was Duffering—Caledon, just outside the GTA, where they came in second place. Like Calgary, the three left wing parties basically tied for second place there and the Greens managed to edge out both by a few hundred votes. In Central Nova, where May ran last time, Green Party support basically evaporated to 3.7%, compared to 32% when May ran there in 2008.

The strongest seats that I can recall were:

St. John's East, represented by the NDP's Jack Harris, with 71.2% of the vote
Acadie—Bathurst, where the NDP's Yvon Godin got 69.66% of the vote

Alberta Conservatives got more than 75% of the vote in Peace River, Westlock—St. Paul, Vegreville—Wainwright, Mcloed, Yellowhead, Red Deer, Edmonton—Spruce Grove, Calgary Southeast, and of course Calgary Southwest. The got over 80% in Witaskiwin, but the largest victory was in Crowfoot, with 83.94% for the Conservatives and the second place NDP at 9.4%.
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