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Originally Posted by Metro-One View Post
So strange that so many fires are burning in Northern Alberta right now. It must have more to do with the wind than anything else. Slave lake has only recorded 6 days (including today) above 20 this entire year so far (still good for that far north this time of the year, but not major forest fire material one would think...)

I think it must also have something to do with the fact that much of the available moisture is still likely frozen not too deep into the ground, therefore the trees / shrubs are drier than they would be than their southern counterparts.
Yeah, like so much of the weather in Alberta, it seems weird to people that we have such a fire issue when there's no heat. As already covered off, it's basically a combination of the low overall humidity combined with the high winds.

I don't know that it's got much to do with moisture still being frozen, because here in southern Alberta we've already had some wildfires as well. It was really bizarre to have such a deep snowpack everywhere, which took forever to melt - and within a few days we had grass and brush fires starting. It literally goes from snowbound to soggy to bone dry in a week here. Part of that has to do with the soil too, it doesn't retain water very long.