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Originally Posted by destroycreate View Post
Such a shame Philly is so decayed and blighted. It needs some gentrification in these areas to clean up! So much potential in this city...I mean look at all that amazing architecture...why have they let this place go so much?
My god, you're acting like a boorish ass here, destroycreate! Sure, there are plenty of decayed and blighted parts of Philly, just as there are in any Eastern city of any size. Same in Baltimore, same in Boston, same in D.C., same in smaller places like Camden, Trenton, Newark, Providence, New Haven, and pretty much every other freaking city up and down the East Coast. That being said, don't act like there aren't huge decaying parts of cities along the West Coast, either. Here's a few examples for you, from south to north through California:

Chula Vista
Santa Ana
San Bernardino
Huge swaths of East/South Los Angeles
Santa Maria
San Leandro
East Palo Alto

Need I mention more?

Aaron (Glowrock)

edit: I couldn't agree more, ChiTownCity. Of course many parts of Philly need renovating/infrastructure improvements/people's attitude improvements. I'd say a little gentrification might be in order, though...
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