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Look I have followed the expos for a long time as a kid and was a huge spos fan but to say I am misinformed is wrong. The jays never drew close to 30,000 in 2008 it was 22,000 here is the link :
The Expos highest attendance for their glory years in the early 80's was 28,000 a game ok but nothing special. Montreal just isn't a great baseball town watching the french sports telecasts on RDS there is little to no mention of baseball interest in Quebec.As to the Winnipeg Goldeyes,yes the Goldeyes are a good draw but it has more to do with our nice little ballpark downtown than any real interest in the sport. The eyes used to sellout at 7,000 a game now it's around 5,200 a game.No one talks about Baseball in the peg only Jets, Bombers, some golf and NFL.
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