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Originally Posted by kool maudit View Post
i was making a general call regarding the "european" thing, as i have noticed that montreal's (tired and inaccurate, in my opinion, but whatever) traditional tourist slogan seems to now be causing a stir within online "canadian rivalry" circles, where the new image is of toronto as berlin and montreal as baltimore or whatever.

i don't really know the situation with tv laws either here or in toronto, and should probably not have presumed to comment on a discussion that was pretty solidly in this sphere.
Oh the Berlin thing again.. hehe.. whatever!

I was watching Radio Canada news one evening and they were doing a report on a modern dance show that was opening that weekend. It was a show that featured nudity and the dancers were practicing in the background. Not only were there a plethora of naked breasts in the background but there was this one dancer who, for whatever reason, kept prancing behind the interviewee with his penis flopping about. Now I thought to myself "Hmmm.. would this be aired in Ontario?" My only response- to myself- was that "No, this would never be aired in Ontario or anywhere else in Canada."

The next day, thinking that there would be many complaints registered over breasts and penises being aired on the 6 o'clock news, I combed the requisite sites- Cyberpresse, Le Devoir etc., thinking that there would be some backlash. There was none.

I grew up in Ontario and believe me: there is no possible way that naked breasts and penises could ever appear on the 6 o'clock news without a huge public outcry.

And you can take that to the bank and cash it!
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