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Originally Posted by kw5150 View Post
Once again, people need to get their facts straight! Calgary may seem sprawling in pure number comparisons.....but

1. Calgary has a few massive parks within city limits. One is large provincial park. Fish creek Provincial is 13.5 km2 and nose hill park is 11.3 km2

2. Calgary also has many large parks especially around the 2 rivers.

3. Calgary also has many area that cannot be developed because of the slopes and escarpments.

4. We make up for it with the good LRT transit that connects to many important amenities and a fairly dense urban core that you really dont need to leave and you can still live well.

5. Almost forgot the glenmore reservoir, the weaselhead and glenmore park......very large as well.
All true I'm sure, but you could make a list like that for any city. Toronto's Rouge Park is bigger than those first two you mention put together, for example, and there's a friggin' mountain right in the middle of Montreal. So Calgary isn't as densely populated as some other cities, is that really a big deal?
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