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Originally Posted by mhays View Post
A few years ago I sold my 600 sf and bought 900 sf in a slightly nicer building. I'd have bought 1,200 sf I had the money. But 1,700 would be too much. Even if dues and electricity were the same, I don't want to rattle around in a big place. If I have a family at some point it'll be different...but never 1,000 sf per person.
1200 s/f is perfect (for me at least) for a single person. that gives you a second (or third) bedroom to free up clutter (computer, fitness equipment) from the main area. kinda tacky having a computer area in the dining room and no where to have a sit down meal. i agree about 1700 s/f. my girlfriends townhouse is that size and she's lost in it.
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