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Originally Posted by hookem View Post
Well, it does kind of fly in the face of the whole "Commuter Rail" concept that was sold to everyone.

If they could charge more for the late-night runs, and make a profit, it would be a non-issue for most folks. But when you are talking about a form of transit which has such a huge per-rider subsidy -- well, we might shrug and accept it for people getting to/from work during rush hour... but subsidizing people going out for a night on the town? It does rub taxpayers the wrong way.

Not saying I wouldn't take it, if it stopped anywhere near where I live...
Originally Posted by electricron View Post
Fear of the taxpayers reactions to "Party Trains" is the #1 reason most transit agencies in the USA avoid late night trains.
Interesting point of view, never thought of that. personally, I could give too hoots, I just don't want them tearing up our train. But it is a conundrum that people want drunk drivers off the road, but wouldn't support mass transit to make it happen....
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