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Originally Posted by JohnMarko View Post
The question was can it be done. It can be done.

Is it cost effective? Is the private space flights for rich "space tourists" cost effective? Some think it is - because it's already happening. And private space launch companies are already being constructed.

Economics, pressure, etc. is not a problem. Only the timing hasn't been right so far.
I think pointing out what it theoretically possible given unlimited funds and no need to make a profit is easy. I would like to see someone actually propose a scenario in which it make economic sense to build an enormous underwater metropolis as depicted here. Any actually underwater communities will most likely have a completely different form to match the challenges of sea.

As far as Virgin Galactic's space tourism goes, that company has made a calculation that they can eventually make a profit by charging customers $200K per person for suborbital flights (or that even if they do not profit, later developments will lead to a profit).

If you can build an underwater city that can contain 500-1000 foot towers and house a million people or so and show that they will be able to afford to live there, then my hat is off to you!
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