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Originally Posted by isaidso View Post
I honestly thought land lines would go the way of vinyl records, but people keep using them.
It's kind of hard to run a business on cell phones. They're useful for the employees out in the field, but sometimes the convenience of the phone always being in the same spot is too good to lose. If your business has to send an order out as soon as possible, looking for a cell phone that someone stuck in a corner somewhere results in lost productivity.

Also, since all of the cell tower technology seems to get updated on a 9-month basis, there are quite a few days when parts of the city lose cell phone service. Land lines are more reliable. They even work when the power is out, something that many people these days have actually forgotten since we've all been using cordless phones for landlines for the past two decades.

Originally Posted by armorand93 View Post
Funny with ALL of the cellphones lately, landline phones look like those chunky 1970s calculators these days.
Most landline phones are used for business purposes these days and have to have features that home phones don't typically use. I've seen a few phones that are split into three or our consoles with buttons all over the place to connect to each employee's office line. Imagine having to do that on a 2 inch screen!

Originally Posted by armorand93 View Post
Like seriously, develop the landline phone into a computing device. Then, I can tap the numbers in, and possibly play Pong while awaiting to get a representative, or something.....
Landlines and computers are usually beside each other. I am pretty sure you can use programmes like Skype to call phones.
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