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Originally Posted by wrab View Post
The bulk of Gehry's commissions are private.
I'm not talking about the source of the funds, I'm talking about the type of building. That's why I said public project and not public commission...

Walt Disney Concert Hall
Pritzker Pavilion
Experience Music
Guggenheim Bilbao

When he does do anything that is not a public building it tends to be extremely understated because, frankly, the numbers simply don't work when you are actually trying to make a profit and not create an occupiable sculpture. As I mentioned, just look at the tower in NYC, it's got an entire side that has no wave effect at all, and this is NYC we are talking about which probably has the highest privately funded construction budgets in the world (obviously excluding the nutjob shieks in the Middle East who spend as much money as they want without regard to profit just like all of Ghery's public buildings).
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