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Originally Posted by Tom Servo View Post
Wow, okay... Well, before this whole thing turns into an illogical progression of unsubstantiated claims that hinge on a circular argument of personal bias rather than any kind of objective analysis of Modern Architecture, it seems as though you missed the very basic point of contention many Modernists (or whomever) have with current revivalist buildings. Simply, the tendency of MOST revivalist buildings is a general lack of craftsmanship, material quality, and detail. That is, apart from any idealogical dispute concerning styles of antiquity or reproduction in a general sense, a vast amount of buildings that are designed out of historic reverence are just poorly done. It has nothing to do with construction methods. It is an issue of quality. Who gives a shit how it's built. What's being criticized is what is built.
Which claims do you see as unsubstantiated? That the profession of architecture threw out most of the knowledge in the early 20th century is not an unsubstantiated claim, that's what they did. Modernism claims to have gotten certain guiding principles from classical architecture, but in terms of actually utilizing the knowledge and building off of it, it did no such thing. Most architecture students today are not required to undergo a rigorous learning of classical architecture before they can work on contemporary designs. That much of contemporary architecture today is pure anarchy also is not an unsubstantiated claim, that is what it is. Doesn't mean it's all bad, but that is what it is. And by anarchy, I mostly mean the exteriors of buildings, as most buildings have to have a functional interior (although a few buildings did have an unfunctional interior as well). Also, I thought I had made it clear that I do not like revivalist architecture that involves a lack of craftsmanship and use of poor materials.

I would disagree that many architects today have a problem with revivalist buildings solely because they are built lacking craftsmanship or with lousy materials. Many of them just do not like said architecture and do not want it to be built. Look at the hornet's nest Prince Charles stirred up in his criticism of many contemporary buildings for example.

Also, irregardless is not a word.
Yep, thanks for the correction, using that "word" is a bad habit of mine.
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