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Originally Posted by Jelly Roll View Post
In the NBA the same teams every year are in the running. Definitely not the league to cite if you are talking about being competitive. Between LA and Boston you have almost all the championships. MLS is also a weird choice in that the bigger market teams have an advantage. Basically only the NFL and NHL which have hard caps really can be used to support leagues where small market teams can have a chance to win.
In the NBA, 10 of the 15 teams in the Eastern Conference have made it to the Finals since 1998. The NBA now has a de facto hard cap.

In the NFL, the Patriots, Steelers, and Colts have represented the AFC in the Super Bowl nearly every year since 2000.

In the NHL, only five teams won the Cup from 1968 to 1988 (two of them Original Six teams).

There is no less parity in the NBA. Most franchises are relatively new in comparison to their counterparts in the other major leagues. I would give it some time to develop.
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