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Originally Posted by Jdawgboy View Post
You are right GoldenBoot, as far as I know T Stacy is still planning on building something eventually, we just do not know the scope of the project. I am looking forward to the day we do know more.

As far as this tower is concerned we will see what happens with the final rendering. They did a story on KXAN at 5 about it and the spokesperson with Cousins said they hope to get started on construction this October. Of course the story also found somebody who complained about not enough parking Downtown (which is just not true), she never goes down there, (oh well...) She complained that she does not want Austin to be like Houston or Dallas but its people like her that live away from the core and don't go Downtown that cause a lot of the congestion problems we have. In order for Austin to be different, we need to grow up, not out. My feeling is that lady was talking about highrises but fact is its low level sprawl that causes congestion and Houston and Dallas are filled with Sprawl in all directions. We may not be able to control what happens with our suburbs but we can control what we do within the city limits and we are heading in the right direction as long as we continue to see Downtown grow up.
I saw that news story, and just like in any development story, the local media found a local who bemoans development. These people cannot expect to be the last person moving to Austin. NIMBYs have to wake up and realize that a developer conceived of their home and the place where they work at some point in the past.
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