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I've searched the thread, and somehow we have missed the Radium Sulphur Springs.


notice that it says 'Colegrove', that's pre-Hollywood

"Oh how it sparkles! Oh how it foams!
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Southern California Practitioner, 1885 via lacreekfreak

Believe it or not, there is still a hot spring spa in operation that uses the same thermal aquifer as the long lost Radium Sulphur Springs.
And yes, the water still has radium.

The Beverly Hot Springs Spa is located at 308 N. Oxford Ave. just north of Beverly Boulevard.


Locations of the two spas.

The Radium Sulphur Springs site is upper left, and about a mile away is Beverly Hot Springs, lower right.


-from their website:

Located just 10 minutes from Downtown and 15 min from Beverly Hills lies Los Angeles's only 100% Natural Hot Spring Spa. The spa is fed by a strong flow of 96 to 105 degree water from the artesian well Richard S. Grant found in 1910. Dug near the turn of the century by drillers looking for oil, the 2,200-foot well supplied water to early residents of the area near Western Avenue and Beverly Boulevard until city water mains were installed in 1915. Later the Water was sold as drinking water bottled as 'Wonder Water' under the Angelus Club label with the slogan "Nature's Own Formula".

Business lagged after World War II, and the stream of bacteria-free water was turned down to a feeble flow just strong enough to keep clear the one pipe coming from the well. The well was 'rediscovered' in 1984, and the Beverly Hot Springs Spa was opened soon after.

The water issuing from the hot spring is heated by geothermal heat, essentially heat from the Earth's interior. The hot springs contain various mineral and elements such as alkaline, silica, radium, iron, sulfur, sodium, alkaline sodium chloride, aluminum oxides and magnesium carbonate which have healing properties and health benefits.

(on the spa's current website radium is left off the list)

Beverly Hot Springs Spa


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