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The cure that kills...

Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
I've searched the thread, and somehow we have missed the Radium Sulphur Springs.
"Oh how it sparkles! Oh how it foams!
It chases a microbe wherever it roams!"
Believe it or not, there is still a hot spring spa in operation that uses the same thermal aquifer as the long lost Radium Sulphur Springs.
And yes, the water still has radium.

The Beverly Hot Springs Spa is located at 308 N. Oxford Ave. just north of Beverly Boulevard.
(on the spa's current website radium is left off the list)

Beverly Hot Springs Spa

ER got me rather curious about the "radium" treatment.

"He drank radium water and then his jaw dropped off"...from an early 1900s magazine article.
Evidently one could go to Dr. Burner's clinic at 2033 East Fourth St., Los Angeles and drink some of his radium water. He also had an office in the Pettebone Building, at 512 South Broadway, LA.

This is a worry. As for myself, I do believe I will forego the ''drinking radium water treatment'', at least for now.

Los Angeles Times ..1906
For the second time within the month, the marvelous “cures” by the milk and radium process, advertised by a certain Dr. H. Russell Burner at a “temple of health” institution, have been attacked in . . . a suit for $5,450 filed yesterday by Mrs. Rhoda E. Mitchell. . . .
Mrs. Mitchell alleges she was suffering with cancer of the breast and that she entered into contract with Burner whereby he agreed to cure her of the cancer within three months if she paid him $450.
Mrs. Mitchell alleges that . . . Dr. Burner was to furnish her with an osteopath for massage work and with radium to put into milk to drink.
Mrs. Mitchell alleges that no osteopath was supplied, that something else besides radium was supplied her and that her treatment was so careless that she is now in a worse condition than before.
Dr. Burner is well known to all the readers of the Sunday papers. He and himself are said to form one of the strongest mutual-admiration societies in Los Angeles, and he takes great delight in a large cut of himself . . . in frock coat with arm outstretched in beatific attitude, bringing “radium and milk” and other queer dope to all the world.
A few weeks ago, Burner had a long story in the daily newspapers to the effect that he had cornered the radium market, and all the radium in the world would be used in his peculiar “rest cures.”

See the Pettebone building at the right - sign on top side of building.

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