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Took a walk near Moody Centre and Coquitlam Central last Sunday. All images were taken by me.

Moody Centre

Station entrance

Above EB track

Stair and escalator access to WCE platform. Elevator and emergency exit is on the other side.

Building west of Moody Centre, with two antenna(?) on top. Not sure what it does?

Looking eastward at switch 211, 212, 213. The building is at the back.

Looking westward at the same location. This is an emergency exit for WCE platform

Construction cam view of switch 208, 209, 210, with the emergency walkway on the far side.

Coquitlam Central

Switch 220, 221, 222 west of the station.

"CTB STOP" - never seen this sign anywhere else in the system, what does that mean?

Spur heading toward Poco. The LIM rail ends below where I was standing while taking this photo on the EB track. I guess that is as far as the train will go. I wonder if they are going to leave the end of guideway open like that...

Above Coquitlam Central station...Someone took a photo at this location a while ago I think.