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Originally Posted by Townie709 View Post
Oh I have faith that the final product will turn out great, but I was just wondering why they capped the extension off at 3 stories.. Do you know of any limitations/ reasons why they didn't make the extension portion taller with future demand in mind? Or use the piece of land to profit the city by building a hotel or office atop the expansion?

I Appreciate your knowledge on the matter!!
I am not 100% sure why they didnt go three stories on the extension, technically there is a 4th floor in the new expansion which would be a "Walk of fame" over the new conference area, which then leads into the new skywalk from the convention center to the delta (Not sure if the sky walk is in the build, there were talks of taking it out). I was part of the structural team that design the convention center, no longer with them so not up to date on any changes after award. But definitely going to be a great update to whats there now.
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