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There was an article in the PR a few days ago about the possibility of making downtown part of the Redevelopment distcrict. I think the main reason for this is they are trying to secure funding for the Memorial Drive and Yellowstone project. I really don't believe until something new comes downtown, that the area will ever reach its potential. I would personally like to see the Bonneville Hotel remodeled into an actual hotel, fix up the outside and maybe add on to it and offer some condos. (By that I mean, if it was feasable, add a couple of stories onto it.) I know that project would fly! I also believe that would create some interest and bring more investment into downtown. If I only had that kind of money, I would do it!

I agree that a parking structure would be needed, possibly funded by the district. The only problem is where to put it and how big.

My last thought about downtown, I would like to see a few streets closed, paved with stone or brick, and opened to pedestrian only traffic. Kind of like in Denver or Boulder. Those cities have unbelievably nice downtowns, with nice shops and restaraunts, park benches and tables, plenty of trees, shrubs,flowers, ect.

Hopefully something will happen, it would be a good thing for the city and the area. Hell, who knows, maybe we would see interest in building larger, taller structures.
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