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There was an article in the PR a few days ago about the possibility of making downtown part of the Redevelopment distcrict.
Thanks for the heads up on this article. I missed it. I am curious about how the Walker brothers feel about this. From what I understand, they were instrumental in laying the political and paper groundwork for the first district, and conveniently drew lines around their development. I would expect them to not be happy that tax funds from their project would not be spent on their project, but be directed away.

I would personally like to see the Bonneville Hotel remodeled into an actual hotel, fix up the outside and maybe add on to it and offer some condos. (By that I mean, if it was feasable, add a couple of stories onto it.) I know that project would fly!
I agree with you. I love that building and the potential of that property is huge IMO. Unfortunately, the current owner who bought the place in '98 or '99 has made the interior livable and has been very successful with occupancy. This property is his retirement. He wanted to tool around with a project and with 40 units at $250-$400 rents he is doing well because he owns the building free and clear. He picked up that property dirt cheap. He doesn't plan on parting with that building.

What's going on behind KJ's on Sunnyside?
They removed an old rusting fuel tank yesterday. I thought it was odd that the tank was on the back of the property.

I agree that a parking structure would be needed, possibly funded by the district. The only problem is where to put it and how big.
I would love a 4 story (one underground) right behind the Theatre on the corner of Capitol and B street with street floor retail along B street. That lot is central to everything. My opinion is there is not a short-term (2 hour or less) parking problem downtown. I think the problem is 8 hour parking for downtown employees. The businesses leaving have left not because customers can't reach the front door, and certainly not lease rates, but because of employee complaints. JMHO
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