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If you look at the median on US 20, there is enough space to widen both north and southbound into three lanes. I believe that the amount of traffic that will use the highway in the next 3-5 years, there will be a need to widen certain stretches. As long as IF and Rexburg continue to grow like they are it is a good bet.

I was reading the PR on Wednesday, there was an article about Grow Idaho Falls, they are trying to bring a new call center here with 700 jobs that will be avaliable. With IF's track record of having good call centers, (Quest, Center Partners) there is a very fine chance this will happen. If the announcement is made it will make a huge impact, and more companies may start looking at Idaho Falls. This area is on the verge of busting out at the seams, something like this could very well jump start the newest boom.
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