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Originally Posted by Only The Lonely.. View Post
In Vike's video, the street is filled with people..

All of my life, (and i'm 30 years old), downtown Winnipeg has been abandoned, boarded up, and crime ridden..

People of my generation (generation Y [1980 - 2001]), have only known a decayed and downtrodden Winnipeg; Biff's alternate 1984 to use a Back to the Future reference.

My parents, and 85 year old grandfather talk about a time when men would wear a hat and dress up like 'Elliot Ness' (to use my grandfather's terms), to hop a streetcar, and go for dinner at the Shanghai, or shop on Selkirk Ave.

It's interesting to think of a different time, and imagine about what could be.
Totally. I loved hearing my mom tell me stories about downtown in the early 60s. She worked for Gaults (now Artspace), would have lunch at the counter in Eatons, just had a great time walking around downtown and shopping back then. All I have ever known was the declining years.
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