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let me be so bold as to offer out my opinion.

In the film that you saw, how many people did you see that weren't dressed up? Did you see any people that were dressed in tight leather, pants falling down from their waist and showing their butt crack? How many people had huge blaring tattoos discoloring their arms and faces, with ugly greasy hair hanging from their head? How many people were wearing their pajamas, or huge overstuffed jackets with their guts hanging out? How many fat people did you see.

Even the old blond had a stylish 'do' for the day and was dressed up to suit the occasion. Men, may have worn white belts but at least they held up their pants. I can still remember a girl with 38's in a mohair sweater that stopped traffic at Portage and Arlington for five minutes as she 'bounced' across the street, and that was in 1962. On the other hand, I still have nightmares about people that I seen at Costco or Wal-Mart, bumping their cart along with their guts because their arms are too short, or you could put a twelve pack on the caboose they call an ass. Have you really looked at your server lately in your favorite restaurant? Long greasy hair, more hardware hanging from their body then I have in my toolbox, having to ask for condiments missing from the table, dropping a spoon and having them pick it up and put it back on the table (5 second rule, I guess), interrupting your conversation with your guest to ask, "How's it, guys"?, or can I grab you something? Where the hell did you learn English? The lady that I'm with is NOT a guy! And you want me to leave you a tip for WHAT REASON? Because you stuck your thumb in my plate as you carried the dish to my table and I saw you wipe your nose with the same hand a minute later.

Okay, I'm done and finished my rant.
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