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Originally Posted by jbrizzy View Post
The number of faregates at the Canada Line stations do seem unexplainably low.. Langara with 3 ?? Only 5 at Broadway ? That dumb gap in the middle of the gates at VCC ? Waterfront with 1 into the platform and 2 out of it ?

I feel like they should've given every station at least 4, and sacrificed one of the wide ones if it meant fitting 2 regular gates..

Side note: I watched somewhat walk right up to one of the wide gates at Surrey Central and push his way through with relatively little effort.. They a lot easier to open, as well as follow someone through, than the smaller gates.
The scumbags figured that out on day 1 of compass operations. Saw someone do that at Moody Centre station. Which is weird cuz Port Moody is a relatively well to do city. Who can't afford transit there.
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