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Originally Posted by citywatch View Post
dtladenizen, one of your photos inspired an article in yesterday's LA Times!

You've made a mark there just as I think you'll make a mark here in the 'my city photos' forum. This may be the first or only thread in this page that contains mainly devlpt oriented or more informative type of pics instead of the more purely touristy images that most forumers in this section favor & post here. So this to me will become one of the 2 best, more interesting, threads here at ssp.

I'm not too thrilled with the idea of TJs opening up at the Bloc since, as you note, there will alot of grocery stores in a small section of dt, all competing even more furiously with one another because of that. That's why I'd rather TJ spread the wealth around.
Thanks for pointing out the Times article.

TJ's at the Bloc will still do very well. There aren't many other spaces for them to go in because they need a loading area. I think all these stores will still do obscenely well.

Whole Foods will attract all the well-off from South Park and Arts District and some of the workers from Financial before they head home.

TJ's will attract literally EVERYBODY from everywhere. Near, far, rich, poor. Specially since there will be decent parking (something many LA TJ's lack).
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