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Originally Posted by tomthumb2 View Post
Makes sense - plus I've heard it's a challenge to get to that stadium. Limited parking and only bus service? Are there any plans to build an LRT there?
There are actually 5000 spots on the university campus for vehicles but it can take awhile to get out of there as there is essentially only 2 ways in and out..

There was a lot of bad publicity with the location and the first few games at the stadium with traffic nightmares being reported by the media on a regular basis. That seems to be mitigated with some improvements including the new bus terminal on the north side of the stadium which has freed up space on the road to the south of it. Things will improve even more when the BRT route completed from downtown to the U of M campus in a few years.

I'm not sure of the number of buses made available for game days but I imagine it approaches close to 100. There are several park and rides throughout the city so I don't think that is problem although people need to get used to the idea that transportation to and from the game may take over a half an hour each way...quite different for many compared to the old location.

Still, there is still some lingering negativity at the new location of IGF which may always be there for some.
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