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Originally Posted by StatenIslander237 View Post
Is it not as amazing to everyone else as it is to me the vast pool of development projects happening in Dallas right now? I'm shocked already at the fact that almost every post on this page is a transcription of an article discussing yet another new project. That all on top of other projects, civic and otherwise, that I'm already aware of (Museum Tower, Woodall Rodgers Park, Trinity River Project, the Calatrava bridges, etc.) The scope of all this truly boggles my mind. Way to go, Dallas. Way to go.
Pent up demand (as another poster alluded too) or not this is great news. It is certainly a mix of some stalled projects moving forward, stalled projects being redesigned or having changed hands and new projects coming on board. A lot of developers are starting to make a strike now that construction activity is starting to pick up and the developers want to get in before construction costs take off again. Either way it is encouraging news and impressive to see so many announcements. Right now there are a lot of architecture / engineering firms looking to hire in DFW and I am sure elsewhere. It will be better news once construction starts on some of these and construction workers can get back to work.
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