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Originally Posted by JHikka View Post

Montreal, and to a greater extent Quebec, is pretty lukewarm to most anything Canadian. When The Tragically Hip were playing their last ever show on CBC the reaction was hardly a blip on the radar in QC whereas it was given live viewings and showings across the RoC. This is why national championships are rarely ever held in QC (Brier, etc.) - people simply don't turn out. QC will support their own teams of course but when it comes to national-level events they're usually a peg below when it comes to gates and viewership.

Correct, but no one ever claims that Montreal and Quebec are the standard-bearer for things pan-Canadian. Montreal doesn't have Canada's national newspaper, the Canadian National Exhibition, the Canadian National Home Show, Canada's National Boat Show, Canada's sports network, Canada's "team" in various US sports leagues, blablabla...

Being an outlier in this way is part of Montreal and Quebec's ethos.

Toronto is totally different. It deliberately lays claim to the cross-Canada "beacon" or standard-bearer status but remains aloof to a lot of what most people consider iconic Canadiana.
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