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Originally Posted by Acajack View Post
To Canadians maybe.

Toronto is an interesting place to foreign visitors primarily because it is a big city with lots of "stuff".

Places that are popular with visitors in terms of human culture (as opposed to mountain scenery etc.) are those which tend to be as you say "stereotypically Canadian": Quebec, Newfoundland...

Having smidgens of imported Ghanaian, Tamil and Cambodian culture in a city is cool to a point, but it's never going to equate the real thing in the old countries. If it leads to unique mixes that are Ghanaian-Tamil-Cambodian, then you're talking. And this may indeed come to light in Toronto one day.

But if you just end up with a bunch of people of Ghanaian, Tamil, Cambodian, etc. origin eating hamburgers, watching Jimmy Kimmel and Grey's Anatomy and the Super Bowl, then that won't really be anything special.
I'm scratching my head trying to imagine why anyone would think that it could? Or should? I've never heard it suggested before.
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