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Originally Posted by FFX-ME View Post
This is the typical Québecois point of view. Franco-Ontariens are perhaps far more reserved than their Québecois counterparts, in part due to the Ottawa culture, but we have been there since before Québec existed. We used to all be French Canadians, until Québec snubbed the rest of the colony it was separated from by a meaningless border. Unlike the Québecois, we are still French Canadians, probably the only group that still, correctly, identifies themselves as French Canadians. We live on not because of Québec, but in spite of it.
I am aware of all of the history - old and recent. I was born, raised and educated outside Quebec, and a clear majority of my family members are francophones living outside Quebec. This is true of my wife as well who is as Franco-Ontarian as they come. I spent 20-25 years of my life living in Ontario as a Franco-Ontarian.

I know that Québécois can be insensitive or worse to francophones in other provinces, but as a kid and teen in the 70s and 80s I also saw the amount of stuff available to francophones in their language markedly increase almost by ricochet as Canada's public and private sectors scrambled to deal with the new realities of an increasingly feisty and edgy Quebec: stuff like signage, literature, catalogues, toys, toll-free lines, monthly statements, TV and radio services, etc.

I also attended no less than two francophone schools in very predominantly anglophone cities that were built precisely because at the height of the first separatism/unity/referendum crisis the federal government pressured the province I lived in to fess up to its obligations for francophone schooling ("help us out guys!") to show the Québécois that we weren't that badly treated after all. (Plus they wanted federal goodies too... long story anyway. But we did get our schools.)
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