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this is pretty interesting...since i'm in the army national guard and much of my time is spent at the Gap training. this deal makes sense to me, especially sine i'm also an avid outdoorsman. 1,800 acres is A LOT of land.

<b>Land Swap Proposal</b>

The National Guard proposed buying 1,800 acres of land near the Dehart Reservoir from the Harrisburg Water Authority, and then swapping that parcel of land for game lands bordering Fort Indiantown Gap.

The Guard says it needs the land to expand bombing ranges, and the swap would also help sportsmen.

Lt. Col. Chris Cleaver, Ft. Indiantown Gap:
“This land swap will involve adjoining gameland 211 with 21 and make the largest gameland in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Some residents have reservations.

Tom McKinney of Mt. Joy:
“What are the plans, not just for now, but for the future, also is there something that could happen five years from now or something in the future that'll have a negative impact?”

A final decision about the potential land swap is still several months away.
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