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Originally Posted by BrownTown View Post
I thought Texas was supposed to be all about business taking the initiative, not about the government putting more hurdles in their way.
Texas is, but everyone has NIMBYs, including Texas.
As for that bill, only Dallas, Houston, and their suburbs are cities that the HSR will run through. And when the counties and school districts see what the property taxes will be annually from a HSR, their opposition will drop quickly.

The HSR qualifies, just as a railroad within the Texas Transportation Code, to get eminent domain powers. It doesn't matter what type transportation mode it is; waterway, highway, airway, or railway; private or public. They will still have to go to court and all the legal steps to get a judge to approve it, usually the only issue is arriving at the honest value for the land. TXDOT wants it to happen. The Electric Utilities already have easements to the property in question for their power lines. Technically, that's all the railroad will need, if they build an elevated railroad guideway over your property. The farmer or ranchers will still own the land, and can access the other side of the tracks simply by driving under the viaducts. Not every farmer or rancher will oppose selling easements away, money talks!

The railroad following US 290 out of Houston to the northwest is absolutely straight for 50 miles or so, then there would be a curve to head north around the Harris County line, where the power line is absolutely straight 50 miles or so to Jewett Texas, where the train will maneuver around a few lignite mines and power plant, then head north again absolutely straight 50 miles or so until entering Ellis County, with a few right and left turns the last 50 miles or so into Dallas County and Dallas. Every one of those 50 mile segments lasts 15 minutes or so at 200 mph.

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