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Originally Posted by BrownTown View Post
Technology like video conferencing has drastically reduced the need for business travel.
Unfortunately, no. Certainly not. Sorry, but you can't always be convincing enough online. Do you have any experience about this? People still have to see you for real. They need to see your very physiognomy, the way you move, your actual tone while facing them, just your everything about your work. They simply still need to actually see you to remain confident.

What do you think? Remote work hardly works for 3 days a week for now within greater Paris alone. Are you seriously thinking greater Paris is late on that matter? Uhh, no. It is way larger than you would ever thought of it, sprawling like any random US crazy ass. Of course, people won't always trust in you online. Sometimes they will, but not always. And they are right about that.

In short, develop HRS in Texas, if you want it to survive somehow. Cause this real world will have no mercy.
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