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Originally Posted by ardecila View Post
Not to get too off topic, but many high-speed systems overseas and in the US do objectively turn an operational profit...

Acela made $46.8 million last year, which helped cover the losses incurred by Amtrak's other services. That's because the costs to operate a high-speed train aren't markedly higher than the costs of a slower train, but the demand is much higher because of the faster travel time.

Hell, even the Hiawatha turned a profit - but much smaller at $300,000 for FY2010.

Amtrak FY2010 Performance Report
Boston to NYC to Philly to DC...I can't imagine why that would turn a profit. That means the entire rest of the system combined to lose money to the tune of what Wikipedia marks out at about $46 million.

Back to the point of emathias' post...exactly why would Florida have wanted a new rail line? From where to where?

Miami to Orlando/Tampa or maybe Jacksonville?

Those cities aren't big enough to support it at that level.
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