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The TAP is only 853ft, I really hope the TBT tower will top that, but who knows, the fact that its height will rival the TAP will make it a target of criticism I'm sure, even though most of the height rumors have been debunked because these residential towers are a lot more slender than the bulkier office buildings. I do think that if Mission Bay had a nice signature tower it could add something to that area. The Avalon towers that went up can't be more than 20 stories, but look really awesome I think. It would be really cool to line Market with more towers, not so much the residential ones though, I'd rather see more business towers go in, but seeing as SF is so hostile towards big business I think we shouldn't be holding our breath on that one. What about some more Russian and Nob Hill towers though? Van Ness is also good in my book, build up! hehe
"This will not be known as the Times Square of the West," City Council President Alex Padilla declared last week. "Times Square will be known as the L.A. Live of the East."

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