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Those rendering were prior to the 125 acres UTSA purchased earlier this year. The land purchased is going to be used for most, if not all, the athletic facilities.

Most of the Master plan will remain the same HOWEVER, the proposed Football Stadium, Arena, Soccer Stadium, Baseball and Softball stadiums will be moved from the main campus to the 125 acres purchased (a short 2 minute ride). Assuming UTSA gets a football team in the near future, they wanted to divert any traffic from the main campus to the new land.

Great post sirkingwilliam. My wife is currently attending UTSA and it's obviously changed since I attended a year and a half ago. With all the construction going on, it's nice to see that they have some sort of master organizational plan for the growing student body. They still haven't mastered the parking situation, although that seems to be a problem with most major universities.
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