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[QUOTE=TXlifeguard;3037244]OFPD is notorious for not updating it's website. Sometimes it takes them six months to make their monthly update, yet they have a staffer who's main responsibility is to update fac/staff/students on projects and such. They do a horrible job at it. With 6 major construction projects going on, the least they could do would be a blog or some shit with weekly updates, percentages completed on projects, whats going on this week, etc. Since were (i'm taking some grad classes there right now) footing the bill for 4 of 6 of these projects through student use fees, the least they could do is communicate with us. Hell, they OWE us that much. They'll ramble to the student paper a few times a semester about pending projects, but they act like they are doing us a big favor with info updates. If it wasnt for the student fee projects, most of them wouldnt have jobs with the university. I find their attitude disrespectful and paternalistic.


I know this is important to you, as it would be to me as well. But to be honest 99.9% of the students could care less, hell most of them don't even really know what their fees are going towards. Their top priority is getting the projects done on time...not updating the students. If enough students complained, then Im sure it would become a high priority. Here at A&M there are AT LEAST a dozen or so major projects either underway or on the board. A&M does have a construction on campus page, but its basically an overview of the projects. The only way I get updates on construction projects is through my profs and students who are in the know (Im construction science btw)
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