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Originally Posted by BSofA04 View Post
I tried emailing them a couple times for any updates/answers and they still haven't replied. No surprise. You seem to have a great understanding of what's going on around campus so if you hear anything new let us know, it's much appreciated. Thanks again.

Will do. I was on the original planning committee for the rec & wellness center back in 95/96, have a good friend who was on the 2020 Master Plan committee, and several friends who are on the board of directors for the alumni association. So I'll hear stuff on occasion. I'm fascinated with the original construction of the campus, (on the early pages of the above sourced master plan) regarding the layout, walkability, and how they realized the unique opportunity they were in to do something unique. And they did. The original central core of the campus (JPL, HSS, MS, Science, Arts, and Physical Plant buildings) are one of the largest groupings of Brutalist architecture in the southern or southwest US (UT-Austin has some great Brutalist buildings too).
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