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Bailey Power Plant:
New promotional materials, from agents leasing the spaces, have said Bailey Power Plant WILL have a bowling alley, movie theatre, and museum. I'm guessing, from their materials, those tenants have signed leases? The big noteworthy update is at the boardwalk area: It appears, from the new graphic posted below, as if they will add a few "new-construction" additions to the west side of the building, creating even more restaurant/retail spaces along this boardwalk. Yes, they are expanding it, just a couple of months before the proposed start of construction! The new-construction additions are labeled Retail/Restaurant Plaza; Proposed Retail & Restaurant Ground Level; and Proposed Retail & Restaurant 2 Levels. It's also worth noting the new area labeled "Activity Area," which includes a skate/bike park, climbing wall, garden center, and an ice rink! It also appears as if the nationally ranked Cobblestone Market (among top 10 or 12 farmers' markets in the U.S.) will move to area below the rail lines? They are also connecting the boardwalk to a neighboring parking deck.

See New Additions Planned on the West Side

Credit: Cindy Christopher - Commercial Realty Advisors

The large movie theatre, black box theatre, bowling alley, museum and planetarium must have taken most of the space in the building, pressuring the developer to add-on to the building for restaurants and retail?

I would love to see someone open a brewery here. It's the perfect location for another brewery! And they can use an awesome power plant theme.

Cheesy logo also included in the marketing materials:

Credit: Cindy Christopher - Commercial Realty Advisors

It's actually a very big space. I didn't realize how massive it is, until I found these photographs from Doug Rice. You are looking into two massive spaces, separated by a half-wall! This wall with windows in the middle of the building was once an exterior wall, before the building was expanded. There is also another big space to the north and two separate buildings to the south. Don't forget a massive two story basement area as well!

Credit: Doug Rice

You can see the half-wall with windows, between the massive spaces, on both sides of the wall, on multiple floors! WOW! Also, look at how thick the floors are!

Credit: Doug Rice

A few other images from Doug Rice:

Credit: Doug Rice

This is the boardwalk area. The 2-storey retail & restaurant addition will be built under the coal silos: ("Factory Loft" apartments in the background)

Credit: Doug Rice

This is where the restaurant and retail structure will be constructed; on the back side of the 1926 building:

Credit: Doug Rice

The area below the tracks will have restaurants, retail, skate/bike park, rock climbing, garden center, ice rink, and an open air market.

With these expansions to the building, it should become the same size as Baltimore's Pratt Street Power Plant. It's worth noting: Many of the same people who worked on Baltimore's Pratt Street Power Plant are also working on Winston-Salem's Bailey Power Plant, including the architectural firm Design Collective.

Link Apartments:
Their signs are installed and they light-up!

Credit: Link Apartments

The Edge Flats:
We haven't had an update on this building in a long time, so here is an update from the past four weeks:

Credit: The Edge Flats

New Colors: Update Your Renderings Now!

Credit: The Edge Flats

Plant 64 Lofts:
The power plant at Plant 64 Lofts is now open! Plant 64 shared a few images for us.

Credit: Plant 64 Lofts

Credit: Plant 64 Lofts

Credit: Plant 64 Lofts

Plant 64's pool is also open! If you would like an apartment here, call: (336) 793-2282. Currently, only one of the three apartment buildings is complete. They should have another building open soon. The 10,000 square feet of retail space is completed and ready to lease, if you're interested! The retail space is in the same building the pool is in. Plant 64 is a five building complex.

Credit: Plant 64 Lofts

Credit: Plant 64 Lofts

Wake Forest University Downtown Medical School:
I found this more recent photograph of the building to be converted into the downtown medical school. It also shows construction at Bailey Park @ East End and it shows the "@" sign lit-up on 525@Vine's mechanical penthouse!

Credit: Jerry Cooper

Yes, it's built, but this is a look at the signage lit at night! You can see the "@" sign lit-up in the photograph above!

Credit: Flywheel Co-Work

Be sure to join the Innovators & Entrepreneur's of Winston-Salem group. They meet at 525@Vine every month and have an impressive number of people at these meets. You can RSVP for August 26th. Keep Winston-Salem Weird & Nerdy!

Winston-Salem is Small Business Friendly:
The Kauffman Foundation has ranked Winston-Salem as one of the nation's most friendly cities for small business. Jon Lieber said “Creating a business climate that is welcoming to small, dynamic businesses is more important than ever, and Winston-Salem has figured out many elements of this formula." It's easy to start and operate a small business in Winston-Salem!

Nash Building: New To This Thread
Work is now underway to convert the top floor into artist lofts and the former Separk Music space into The Design Archive. The Design Archive will have room for 75 vendors and 12 studio rentals. The Nash Building was once a car dealership, with a few retail spaces for other businesses and a business school on the top floor. The top floor still has the chalkboards and other school items. Hopefully, they will save these historic reminders of that business school, during the conversion.

Credit: DWSP

West End Millworks:
The Olio Glass Studio is still under construction, but should finish very soon! You can sign-up for classes right now.

Credit: The Olio

Big Winston Market:
Brent and Dawn Peters, along with their daughter Megan, are long-time Winston-Salem residents. They are moving Black Mountain Chocolate to downtown Winston-Salem, because they want to stay in Winston-Salem. They also want a store and factory that will allow visitors from across the country to tour the facilities and see the small batch chocolate being made. The new downtown headquarters and visible chocolate factory will open by mid-September. Brent Peters said “The whole point of artisan foods is adding the experience and the connectivity. The most fun we have is when people come in and we can show them around and interact with them.” People seem to love the idea of a chocolate factory and store in downtown. As was reported earlier, you will be able to actually watch the chocolate being made from the sidewalk on Trade Street. Their products are available coast-to-coast. Check your local Whole Foods Market, if you want to try their product.

IQ District in Retrofit Magazine:
BioMed Realty Trust linked to this, through Twitter. There wasn't anything new in the article that we don't already know, but it was good to see an article on the IQ District, in a national magazine, on the subject of Adaptive Reuse.

Central Library:
In the latest update: Commissioners want to keep the library open as long as possible. They may keep it open while workers begin some of the early work? Only the N.C., Room will stay open downtown, in the Forsyth County Government Center.

Yo-Yo Ma Concert:
Yo-Yo Ma tickets are now available at the Winston-Salem Symphony Box Office.

Cycling Sunday: A Car Free Event!
Cycling Sunday is on August 17th in downtown Winston-Salem. Several streets will be closed for cycling and skating. It's a great event for the whole family. Yes, skateboarding is allowed.

Winston-Salem's Free Bikeshare:
Don't forget: Winston-Salem has free bikeshare! Yes, it's free! Local business leaders pay for it, so you don't need a membership to use it. Take advantage of this! Just look for the green bikes with real estate ads. The code to unlock the bikes is P-L-A-Y. If this doesn't work, call the number on the bike for the code to unlock it. According to Winston-Salem's LT Bikeshare, “People have been very considerate of the bikes and return them to the proper location." Please do the same. Winston-Salem's free bikeshare works because people return and lock the bikes to one of the bikeshare locations. The locations are on Trade Street, Fourth Street, and Bookstown Avenue.

Credit: LT Bikeshare
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