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Welcome to Winston-Salem, Nomad9! I'm guessing you're attending Wake Forest University? They are involved in some of these projects we are discussing. Since Wake Forest University was built on part of the Reynolda Estate, we'll start with the Reynolda House Pool Renovation!

Reynolda House Indoor Pool:
According to JournalNow, this is the first renovation for this pool since it was built!
Credit: David Rolfe - JournalNow
Credit: David Rolfe - JournalNow

More Jobs:
German company Polyvlies has agreed to establish its United States headquarters in Winston-Salem. They will create 30 new jobs and invest $9.4 million in their building. Three of those employees will move to Winston-Salem from Germany.

Benton Convention Center, Streetcars & Union Station:
City Council approved $60 million in bonds for the Benton Convention Center, Union Station Restoration and the Streetcar Maintenance Facility. These bonds do not require voter approval. Now we wait for construction! If you see construction, report it on this thread, so I can update the main page.

Innovation Quarter:
Council also agreed to place $25 million in bonds on the ballot this fall, to help in developing downtown's IQ District. If you support downtown and the IQ District, register to vote and be sure to vote for "Economic Development Bonds." These bonds do require voter approval.

New Office Tower at Ballpark Village: New To This Thread
It appears as if Brookstown Development Partners, LLC., is ready for the next phase of their Ballpark Village development, around Winston-Salem's BB&T Ballpark? The most recent site plan I can find shows 350,000 square feet of office space in two buildings, above a 2-storey parking deck, with retail, a plaza area, and another 780 space parking deck on the same block. This would appear above the left field wall, beside The Link Apartments. I'll try to keep you updated on this. Plans can change, but it would be nice to see a 7+ storey building rise above the outfield wall. This area could also use more retail space.

50 West Fourth:
We haven't had an update on this apartments and retail project in a long time!


Semans Arts Library:
An update from wsnc62 @ WSTB. I only posted two of the images this person posted. If you want to see the full update, visit their post and thank the poster for the update.

Originally Posted by wsnc62 @ WSTB

Hotel Monaco:
I love this photograph of Hotel Monaco. I do hope they update the lighting on the crown to LEDs. Knowing Kimpton Hotels, they likely will, in an effort to be green and creative?

Credit: Stephen Fanale

More Jobs:
New Holland Farm & Construction Equipment has selected Mullen in downtown Winston-Salem as their advertising agency of record. Landing the new account has led to the immediate need for new account management positions, along with creative and media resources positions to support the account.

More Jobs:
If you're looking for a job, this is your favorite update post! Atrium is hiring and in need of 100 skilled high-tech manufacturing workers, managers and supervisors. Apply in person at 300 Welcome Center Blvd., just off U.S. 52. Take U.S. 52 (John Gold Expressway) south from downtown and look for Exit 97.

Reynolds American Made the Drug Used to Treat Ebola Patients:
Reynolds American (RAI) is using tobacco plants to help manufacture an experimental drug being used to treat the two American aid workers who contracted the deadly Ebola disease. I don't think many people realize RAI is a large research & technology company. Reynolds American conducts contract research and development related to protein expression and extraction from tobacco plants for clients. According to Reynolds American's David Howard, Tobacco plants are infected with proteins and the tobacco plant becomes a photocopier. The proteins that attack the Ebola virus are then extracted from the plant.

Have you been to Reanimator for your lunch break? This is Melbourne Australia's Bob Log III performing. Yes, he is singing into an old telephone! Reanimator is located in downtown's IQ District, on the block of storefronts between Bailey Power Plant and Krankies Coffee. There are so many great reasons to move to one of these office buildings or apartments, discussed in this thread.

Central Library:
What can you not live without from the downtown library? Take this survey and let them know.

Next Generation Gigabit Network:
City of Winston-Salem Chief Information Officer Dennis Newman said AT&T is aggressively deploying fiber in preparation for the launch of their gigabit network! This is very exciting!

Bailey Park @ East End:
A one week difference!

This is from last week!

Source: Charlie McCurry

This is from today!

Credit: Flywheel Co-Work

Cameron Avenue Homes Restoration: New To This Thread
These homes are being saved from demolition, thanks to a donation by Wells Fargo. Who says look-a-like houses are a recent issue? I do hope it's an accurate restoration. The windows suggest otherwise though.

Credit: The Chronicle

Underdog Records Moving Downtown:
Underdog Records is moving to the Ballpark/West End Village area of downtown next month! They have discovered the advantage of a central location in downtown and Underdog will actually save money on rent too! The new location is next-door to Burke Street Comics. Underdog will continue to offer new & used vinyl, vinyl accessories, and stereo equipment, including new & used turntables and used vintage receivers and speakers. Underdog will also continue to host in-store performances and other events.

Carolina Air & Auto Museum:
This is the Douglas C-54 Skymaster, used in the Berlin Airlift, flying over downtown Winston-Salem! The photograph was taken from Smith Reynolds Airport (KINT). The Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation is working on a permanent move to Winston-Salem's Carolina Air & Auto Museum! Don't forget to donate to the museum: You or your business can also buy naming rights.

Credit: Hunter Brame

Centennial Art:
Two days remain to donate to the Centennial Art Project. Your donation will pay to increase the size of the sculptures.

Movie Filming:
20th Century Fox is currently filming a movie in Winston-Salem. Winston-Salem usually appears in a movie and a few commercials/TV shows every year. I found a photograph of the crew filming at Wake Forest University. They are also filming in the coliseum and attempting to make the LJVM appear like several different coliseums. That should be interesting to look for, if you watch the movie. This movie requires a large number of paid extras.

Credit: Wake Forest University

Winston-Salem Open:
This is one of two or three major league sports events held each year in Winston-Salem. The Winston-Salem Open will be held August 16-23. Five of the top 20 teams in the ATP doubles team rankings will compete in the Winston-Salem Open. This is a great event! You can see several of the world's top ranked players. Winston-Salem is a sport cycling, soccer, and tennis city. This event is usually shown nationally on CBS.

Credit: Tennis View Magazine - Fred Mullane

Since we don't have as many photographs as usual, why don't we just post some fun images of the city to close this update out? The weekend was a rain-out, so most of the photographs I'm finding are on rainy/foggy weather.

Fourth Street in the Rain:

Credit: Nick Sharp

Hanging Rock State Park:


If you're new to Winston-Salem and love the outdoors, don't forget to visit the Saurtown Mountains. They have beautiful waterfalls, lakes, bike/hiking trails, and rock formations. It's a great place to go during the summer. There are also two rivers to explore.
My Diagram.

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