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Originally Posted by NYguy View Post
Connecting NJ with NY? That would be Penn Station. The Plan to get subway service from NJ to Manhattan also would be of "real value", as it would get more cars off the roads, creating less congestion in Manhattan (as well as Penn Station itself). It also would have the added bonus of creating service to Grand Central beyond just the West Side.

What's lost in the conversation is the massive improvement or rebuilding of Penn Station itself that was supposed to be planned by the developer's in exchange for the development rights. Even when plans to put huge towers on site were abandoned, the developers still intended to rebuild or improve the station. The development rights are now supposed to be transfered to the surrounding area (due to MSG's not moving) but there is no resolution on that, so it remains to be seen how much if any the developers will put into rebuilding Penn Station. Meanwhile, when work commences on the 15 Penn Plaza development, the passageway that connects Penn Station to the PATH terminal and other subway lines a block away will be reopened and expanded, providing better circulation both above (street level) and below to the east. There is also talk of closing 33rd street to fraffic for a block or two west.
Actually the Subway to Secaucus would do very little to get cars off the road considering its in the middle of nowhere surrounded by Highways. The Railways there cannot be expanded , if the Gateway plan to was pushed by bloomy that would mean we could expand the Regional Rail network.... But the 7 Subway means we can't , and it will encourage people to drive to Secaucus... Seeing how the Gateway just got engineering $$$ , its likely to get built before the 7 to NJ.... The MTA has no plans to extend the 7 to NJ , nor do they want too. The PA would block them , Tieing the project up for decades... NJT would also block them , they've done it in the past. Theres also the cost 7 Billion for 3 stops , that will never fly in this region...
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