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Originally Posted by k1052 View Post
I don't see any reason PA to want to block the project. The PA will be totally out of PATH expansion capacity without enormously expensive construction after the last round of signal upgrades are done in 2016 and they have WAY too many other projects that need funds.

NJT might be pinning it's hopes on Gateway but Christie obviously wants to keep his options open since a 7 connection would serve the area of Midtown around GCT and Gateway would not.
The PA controls all the crossings along the Hudson , they fund things aswell....if it will affect the PATH they will block it. They have in the past , theres also the rules and tax region that will make it hard for them to extend the 7 into NJ. Theres really no room for the 7 at Secaucus , they recent suggested the 7 be extended to Hoboken where NJT has capacity....the PA would probably not block that due to the extra ridership it would receive. Its also cheaper to go to Hoboken. As for Christie , hes all over the map , most New Jerseyites are against any tunnel into NY , they would rather see the $$$ in investing in Urban / Suburban Jersey.... Both the PATH and Flushing line are nearing Capacity , so building the Full Gateway Project will take pressure off both lines. The PA is milked for pet projects on both sides of the hudson , so it doesn't matter how many projects it has. The Gateway Phase 2 is to go to Grand Central , which would happen in the mid 2020s , if Phase 1 starts in the next 2 years....which seems likely...
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