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Originally Posted by aquablue View Post
I'm happy to hear that. It would be ideal to do both projects, but if only one can be done, I think the gateway project is the more prudent approach to the issue.
Yea , the 7 Extension makes no sense in the commuting sense. If you look at a map , Penn station has access to the 1,2,3 and A,C,E , and the Next stop north is 42nd Street. The Extension into NJ would add an estimated 20-30mins onto the journey ,the top speed on the subway is 65mph which is rarely hit , while Regional Rail under the Hudson hits 90mph.... Most people who take the train into Penn work around Penn station and Times SQ. Most Midtown bound NJ commuters use the bus , which is faster then the train and drops you off at 42nd street. The Core of Office Workers works around 42nd street to 63rd street which is along the N , Q , R , E , 4 , 5 & 6 lines. The 7 services nothing that big in terms of employment... The Gateway would also allow for Regional and Intercity rail expansions in NJ , PA , NY , CT and as far as DE , the 7 would not. Most Rail / Transit advocates while not against the extension see no value or need for it over the Gateway , the cost ratio is weaker on the 7 then Gateway. These plans like the 7 Extension and other Political crap come up every 5-10 years and go nowhere....due to the Politics of this region....
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