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Originally Posted by photoLith View Post
I dont know, the downtown didnt have much going on and it was full of d bag frat type people it seemed. I just felt like the whole downtown, while good looking is severely underutilized. It just seemed like a place Id get bored of really quick if I lived there.
The clientele has changed a lot over the years and as far as the nightlife goes yes, your assessment is correct. It does seem to be diversifying a bit again now, though, so in a few years the pendulum may swing the other way.

Yes, I would agree that the DT is completely underutilized and the stupid decisions made by city government will see to it that this continues. For example, they just raised the metered parking rates dramatically and this is already having a negative effect. DT Harrisburg is not CC Philly, and people can easily just choose to go elsewhere, as there are not enough essential services in DT Harrisburg as it is; Harrisburg is a dwarf compared to the rest of the metro and they need to do everything in their power to get people to go there, not chase them away.

It's not all doom and gloom and there are some great things about Harrisburg, and in my last years living there in downtown, I had a blast. But...there are too many negatives for me to want to consider the area again and an awful lot would have to change for me to want to go back, and I just don't see that happening in my lifetime.
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