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Originally Posted by Laceoflight View Post
Wow. And what about our precious Lord Durham ? Or Amherst ? He was about the worst of them all, especially towards the First Nations.
Or our beloved national hero, James Wolfe, who still has some counties and many streets named after him, and who simply ordered to burn every village and every farm between Québec and Rimouski, executed women and children, starved the population to death during two entire years by burning all the crops and fields and forced the remaining ones to live in the woods ? I suggest the authors of the article to read Wolfe's journal, as well as Goreham's and Monkton's (the mercenaires who executed the dirty work).

Speaking of Moncton... This is probably the most incorrect place name that exists in Canada. For the name it commemorates AND its location.

P.S. As for Wolfe, I do prefer that his name stays so we remember.
You're right, the main names I was expecting to see weren't even on that list...

A little bit of trivia info: did you know at least several mixed (Anglo/Franco) cities at the time (such as Lévis and Sherbrooke) chose on purpose to make their Wolfe and Montcalm streets intersect as a symbolic gesture of peace between the two groups?
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