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Originally Posted by Reesonov View Post
A couple of thoughts:

(1) I hate how terms like "SJW", "Alt-Right", and "Ctrl-Left" have taken on lives of their own.

(2) I don't understand the outrage over this proposal. I mean, I think most of would agree with the straight-forward proposition that, as a society, we should not commemorate every historical figure by naming public institutions, facilities, etc. after them. I doubt many would complain if/when the German government chose to rename the Hitler Civic Library or if/when the Russian government chose to rename the Stalin School of Human Rights.

Now, is this an appropriate case for a government or school board in Canada to take such action? Probably not. But I do not think that it is outrageous for us, as a society, to have these sorts of conversations (personally.) I do not think that this is a case of "political correctness" (a term that has become so unfairly pejorative that I wonder if it has any serious meaning any more) run amok.
You are correct that we as a society should be able to have these conversations (and, I think, we will). However, we live in the age of outrage so I doubt there's anything for it but to ride it out until more dispassionate discussion can be had. Unless, of course, our politicians short circuit the process....
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